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Ty de Brouwer's Home Page

Ty de brouwers portrait Retro lol art

Ty is 15 and goes to Tawa College. He has 2 brothers "Jack" and "Ethan" His favourite book is the Martian. Ty went to scouts and earned his chief scout award while there. He now attends Venturers which is the run-off of scouts where everyone challenges themselves with new tasks and pushes themself to the limits.

Scouts emblem

Facts about Ty

  • Design Inspiration comes from: Video games, outdoors, google
  • He wants to become a scientist when hes older
  • His best career experience is careers day
  • Cultural Background: New Zealand European (50% dutch)
  • Birthday:2nd December 2000
  • Home town/Suburb: Titahi Bay

Ty's Words of Wisdom

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"

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